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Red Garland - Red Garland's Piano

Dernière mise à jour : 13 avr. 2020

Hello people! For today's album, I've chosen one of my favorite pianists: Red Garland.

The album is called: Red Garland's piano. Published by Prestige and recorded byyyyyyyy?? Yes, Rudy Van Gelder.

Few of these songs were recorded on December 14th, 1956 (#5 & 6), the rest on March 22th, 1957.

In this classic, Red Garland plays with the great Paul Chambers (b), (for me the Bird of the bass) and last but not least, on drums, Art Taylors (d).

This album features 3 beautifully interpreted ballads and some medium/medium-tempo standards with simple but really effective and musical arrangements.

I strongly recommend listening to the beautiful bowed solo on stomping at the Savoy by Paul Chambers...

Have fun listening!!

See you on the next one.

Greetings and long live the Jazz.

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